October 2011
Road from Chengdu to Jiuzhai Valley

The new "tunneltastic" road from chengdu (as described by the Lonely Planet China 2011) has not yet been completed and as of November 2011 the journey takes about 8 hours by bus in normal weather and traffic conditions. As work continues on the road and new tunnels and bridges continue to open it is claimed that times will be reduced by a number of hours.
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August 2011
Jiuzhai Valley Blogs in the New York Times:

The below blogs give an insight into some of the ongoing research by the Jiuzhai Valley science department. The blogs were written by Amanda Schmidt, an assistant professor of geology at Oberlin College, who was based in Jiuzhai Valley National Park's Sceince Department for 10 months during 2010.
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August 2010
Weather update:

Jiuzhai Valley National Park has experienced no affects of the bad weather that has devestated other parts of China during the summer. There have been no mudslides or landslides in the national park or the area outside of the park where visitors will stay. Click here for more information.
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5 June 2010
World Environment Day:

On the 5th of June we celebrated World Environment Day 2010. The United Nations has declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity and the theme of this year’s World Environment Day was “Many Species. One Planet. One Future.” It echoes the urgent call to conserve the diversity of life on our planet. A world without biodiversity is a very bleak prospect and this is something that we in Jiuzhai Valley National Park are very aware of.
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June 2010
Summer 2010 in Jiuzhai Valley:

Jiuzhai Valley National Park is open from 7am every morning. We advise you to enter the park as early as possible to get the most from your experience. It’s a great time of year to take part in one of our eco-toruism hikes. For more details click here.
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May 2010
Jiuzhai Valley featured on Tides of Time:

For the third consecutive year, UNESCO have partnered with the International Herlad Tribune and Jaeger-LeCoultre to raise awareness and funds for the preservation of endangered ecosystems. View the features on Jiuzhai Valley on UNESCO's website and on Jaeger LeCoultre's.
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17 May 2010
Zharu Eco-tourism on Reuters:

Hiking into the heart of Tibetan “Paradise”. Jack Li, our eco-tourism manager accompanied this journalist and her family into Zharu Valley in April. Read her account here.
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5 June 2009
World Environment Day:

Jiuzhai Valley National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be supporting UNEP World Environment Day on June 5th. The theme of this year’s World Environment Day – “Your planet needs you” – is meant to inspire all of us to do our part.
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1 June 2009
Children’s Day:

June the 1st is International Children’s day and on that day all children under the age of 14 will enjoy free admission to Jiuzhai Valley National Park.
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12 May 2009
The busiest day in the history of Jiuzhai Valley National Park.:

A big thank you to all the friends and guests who came to Jiuzhai Valley on the 12th of May 2009. It was the busiest day in the history of Jiuzhai Valley and provided a much needed boost to the local economy.
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12 May 2009
Earthquake anniversary ceremony:

To cememorate the devestating Sichuan earthquake and those who lost their lives, Jiuzhai Valley will offer free entry to everybody on May 12th 2009.
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Spring 2009 Update
Spring time has arrived in Jiuzhai Valley and so the park’s opening hour’s will be 7am – 6:30pm from May 1st.
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1 April 2009
2nd day ticket from April 1st 2009:

From April 1st until June 30th 2009 your entry ticket is valid for two days (bus ticket is valid for one day).
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Eco-Tourism 2009
Eco-tourism, including hiking and camping is close to being opened in the park for the first time this year.
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1 March 2009
Jiuzhai Valley in the March ‘09 issue of the National Geographic Magazine.
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Plan your visit

Getting here and away


From Chengdu to Jiuzhai Valley:
(approx 8-10 hours)

The road from Chengdu to Jiuzhai Valley is being improved and the travel time is decreasing. It is hoped that travel time will be reduced to under 6hours when the road is completed. It is estimated that the road will be completed in mid-late 2012. Buses from Chengdu travel via Wenchuan, Maoxian and Songpan. Occasionally, due to bad weather conditions buses may change the route to travel Mianyang and Pingwu with little to no prior notice.

More or less busses could be available on any of the below routes depending on demand on a given day. It is usually only possible to purchase bus tickets one day in advance. Your accommodation provider can help you to book tickets if required. All times and schedules are subject to change. Please contact your accommodation provider to find the current time table a couple of days before you intend to travel. If you have any questions please contact info@jiuzhai.com.

Buses leaving from Chengdu, Cha Dian Zi:

To Departure Price Duration (approx.)
Jiuzhai Valley 07:20, 09:00 121 RMB 10 hours
Songpan 06:30, 07:00, 07:30 136 RMB 11 hours
Ruo Er Gai 06:30 157 RMB 11 hours
Chuan Zhu Si 07:00 132 RMB 9 hours
Ma Er Kang 06:30, 07:00, 09:00 117 RMB 10 hours

Buses leaving from Chengdu, Xin Nan Men:

To Departure Price Duration (approx.)
Jiuzhai Valley 06:40, 08:00 123 RMB 10 hours

Buses leaving from Jiuzhai Valley:

To Departure Price Duration (approx.)
Chengdu 06:40, 07:00, 07:30, 08:00 140 RMB 8 hours
Songpan* 07:30, 12:50 30 RMB 2 hours
Jiangyou** 06:30, 07:20 75 RMB 7 hours
Mianyang 06:30, 07:20 90 RMB 8 hours
Huanglong*** 07:00, 07:30 40 RMB 3 hours
Ma Er Kang* 07:20 148 RMB 7 hours
Lanzhou 07:00 230 RMB 11 hours

* From Nanping, stopping at Jiuzhai Valley
** National train connections are available from Jiangyou.
*** May – October only.

Buses leaving from Songpan:

To Departure Price Duration (approx.)
Jiuzhai Valley 07:00, 13:00 32 RMB 2 hours
Ruo Er Gai 10:00, 14:30 42 RMB 4 hours
Hong Yuan 07:00 60 RMB 4 hours
Ma Er Kang 06:20 98 RMB 6 hours
Chengdu 06:00, 06:30, 07:00 135 RMB 8 hours

Buses leaving from Ruo Er Gai

To Departure Price Duration (approx.)
Lin Xia* 06:40 70 RMB 6 hours
He Zuo** 06:30 55 RMB 4 hours
Tie Bu** 09:30 26 RMB 3 hours***
Lang Mu Si 14:30 25 RMB 2 hours
Chengdu 06:30 160 RMB 12 hours

* via Lang Mu Si (leaves on odd numbered days eg. 1st, 3rd, 5th etc. of each month)
** via Lang Mu Si

*Buses to Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province, leave from He Zuo as well as other stations along the Songpan – He Zuo route.

Buses leaving from Jiangyou

To Departure Price Duration (approx.)
Jiuzhai Valley 07:00 70 RMB 7 hours


There are no train connections to Jiuzhai Valley. The closest train stations are in Jiangyou, Guangyuan and Chengdu. If you speak no Chinese it may be difficult to arrange connections from Jiangyou and Guangyuan.

From Jiangyou to Xian via Guangyuan (approx 13 hrs)

02:17 (Xian South) 15:06 15:50 17:33 (Xian South)
19:08 20:46 21:58 22:31
23:05 (Xian South) 23:21 23:53

Train from Jiangyou to Guangyuan

Approx 30 a day.

From Jiangyou train lines link up to almost all national routes through Baoji or Chengdu. The closest popular destinations being Xian in Shaan Xi province and Lanzhou in Gansu province which connects to the world’s highest railway in the world to Lhasa, Tibet.


Flights to Jiuzhai Valley from Chengdu:

Off-peak – 15 flights a day.
Peak – 23 flights a day.

During the peak season there are also direct flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xian and Chongqing.

Please check with your travel provider for exact times.

The following airlines fly to Jiu Huang airport:

Sichuan Air
South China Airways
Air China
China Eastern
Hainan Airlines
Chengdu Airlines
Chongqing Airlines


To drive from Chengdu there are a number of options:

1. Chengdu – Du Jiang Yan – Wen Chuan – Mao Xian – Songpan – Jiuzhai Valley (total 440km).
2. Chengdu – Mianyang – Jiangyou – Ping Wu - Nanping – Jiuzhai Valley (total 475km).

From Xi’An:

1. Xian – Guangyuan – Zhaohua – Wenxian - Jiuzhai Valley.

From Lanzhou:

1. Lanzhou - Ruoergai – Chuan Zhu Si - Jiuzhai Valley (total 804km).
2. Lanzhou - Luo Yang - Wenxian - Jiuzhai Valley (total 700km).

From Dari (Qinghai):

1. Dari – Aba County – Hongyuan Grasslands – Mai Wa Zhang La – Jiuzhai Valley.

Although we do our best to keep these timetables updated we recommend you check the local bus timetables before travelling. We cannot be held responsible for changes that are made to these schedules or the punctuality of the busses. Please use the above as a guide only.